domingo, 20 de enero de 2013


Another way to influence the mind, in the mood, in one's own mental abilities, is through affirmations. Affirmations are a simple and effective way to change the "habits of mind" that hinder all those things you want to achieve in life.
It's hard to get good grades in school if you can not stop to say that is worth studying. It's hard to quit smoking if one is constantly affirmed that it has no will and that every time you feel anxious or have a problem need to smoke. We could make an endless list of statements that are negative and harmful.
As you can see influences everyone in one way or another in their psyche, the question is which way do.
While it does not equal making statements in the waking state that state of deep relaxation or self-hypnosis (since in this state more easily circumvents the conscious mind), it is also true that it takes time to have an especially for it since one can be made ​​any statements or work activity and the latter increased by a considerable number of times just to be highly effective.
For a claim to be effective must be primarily positive, short and very concrete, but this would be some general rules to follow for making claims, it is best to experience for yourself which are better and which are not.

Hypnosis and Abductions

Hypnosis has been proven very effective in recovering lost memories and / or repressed by that has been used most often in cases of abduction cases with very interesting results.
Cases of abduction have been repeated since the fifties especially in the United States, despite these experiences have been all over the world and could date back to many centuries in the past.
Those who say they were victims of an abduction claim that during the abduction have had a significant period of time you do not remember anything under hypnosis can remember what happened. Subjects often report that they have been abducted and uploaded to a spaceship where they practiced all sorts of experiments, some even say that they have been inserted into the body a kind of device.

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

Different degrees of hypnosis

Lecron-Bordeaux's system to indicate The Hypnotic depth

0 The Subject does not present any reaction

1 physical Easing
2 Appearance somnolienta
3 I Wink
4 ocular Closing
5 mental Easing, mental partial lethargy
6 Heaviness of the members

Light Induction
7 ocular Catalepsy
8 partial Catalepsy of the members
9 Inhibition of small muscular groups
10 slower and deep Breathing, slower pulse
11 Strong laxity (difficulty of movement, conversation)
12 Movements convulsivos the jaw or the mouth during the induction
13 Rapport between operator and patient
14 Obedience to post-hypnotic simple suggestions
15 convulsive ocular Movements to the awakening
16 Changes of the personality
17 Sensation of heaviness in the whole body
18 partial Sensation of lack of interest

Medium induction
19 Recognition of the situation (impede to define it, but conscience of the same one)
20 muscular complete Inhibition (illusions kinestésicas)
21 partial Amnesia
22 Anesthetizes in glove
23 tactile Illusions
24 gustatory Illusions
25 olfactory Illusions
26 Sobreagudez to the changes atmotféricos
27 complete Catalepsy of the body or extremities

Induction deep Sleepwalk
28 Aptitude to open the eyes without exit to hypnosi
29 to go out of the situation Stare with the opened eyes, expansion pupilar
30 Sleepwalking
31 Amnesia completes
32 Amnesia systematized post-hypnotic
33 complete Anesthesia
34 post-hypnotic Anesthesia
35 Obedience to post-hypnotic fantastic suggestions
36 uncontrolled Movements of the pupils, loss of the ocular coordination
37 Sensation of weightlessness,absence of gravity, flotation, balancing or of being inflated; feelings disinterest
38 Inflexibility and lateness in the movements and muscular reactions
39 I Increase and decrease of the volume of the voice of the operator
40 Control of the organic functions of the body (cardiac movements, pressure, digestion)
41 Rememoraciones (hipermnesia)
42 Regression in the time
43 Visual post-hypnotic positive hallucinations
44 visual post-hypnotic negative Hallucinations
45 auditory post-hypnotic positive Hallucinations
46 auditory post-hypnotic negative Hallucinations
47 Stimulation of the dreams (in situation or natural dream)
48 Hiperestesias
49 Experimentation of colored sensations

Total induction
50 Condition estuporosa in which any spontaneous activity is inhibida. One can develop by means of the suggestion the step to this condition from the sleepwalking.

martes, 27 de mayo de 2008

Cerebral waves

WAVES BETHA: cerebral Frequencies of 13 - 30 Hz. They register when the person is awake.

WAVES ALPHA: Frequencies of 8-12 Hz. They are characterized by conditions(states) of easing, unconcern, placidness. They register in moments before sleeping.

WAVES THETA: Frequencies of 4-7 hz. They register during the dream and hypnosis. This condition favors greatly the imagination, inspiration, learning.

WAVES DELTA: Frequency of 1-3 Hz. These cerebral waves register during the deep dream without dreams and in condition of deep hypnosis.